private works


An annual music event dedicated to musical composition that can only be experienced individually
while in the midst of a traditional concert music audience. 

Private Work's composers and artists create work that guarantees each audience member a truly private experience.


The media available and chosen to demonstrate truly Private music from Private Works 2012, featuring emerging composers Zane Merritt, Ben Klein and as our resident composer Nat Evans will be posted soon.


Private Works 2012



Selected descriptions/works from Private Works 2011

How can a truly private musical experience be documented, demonstrated and/or exhibited  in a public forum - such as a website?
One can only present documentation of the event of a work, excerpts and approximations, and include the introductions and preparation(s) so that you may attempt a re-creation of the original experience within your own imagination..


The Introduction to Private Works 2011


Variations on Variations by Barney Child 
by Andrew Studenski
Composer in Residence Introduction GRIG NO. 1


Preparation for "Etude in Scent" ETUDE IN SCENT

Taste Durations in combination with Private Piece

Preparation and Introduction for Private Timeline

Private Piece instructions

Private Timeline Link


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